Competitive Search Intent: Find Out Where Your Competition Gets Their Business


At Frenzy Factory, we keep an eye on our client’s competitors and use their data to shape our projects. Google alerts and watching their socials aside, we find out what they are focusing on, identify their missed opportunities and turn them into search engine wins!

Here’s one trick that we’ve added to our playbook.

How To Find What Your Competitor Wants To Rank For.

Want to know our top tip to rank at the top of Google? Competitive analysis and research! By using SERPs you can find out what is currently working. Once you know what Google likes you can then leverage that to boost you past the competition.

To start this you have to find out what your competitors are ranking for. You want to know the topics that they are writing too. Once you have these you find out what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

Sounds simple enough… Lets go deeper and find out how to get that #1 spot or the featured snippet.

You know that they are doing something right when Google’s Rank Brain rewards them with a position higher than yours. Google’s Rank Brain is really showing your competitor some love if they hold the top position.

So rather than try to guess what our competitor is thinking, we should be asking why is Google picking them and not you.

What is your competition doing to get rewarded with the top rankings?

Here’s how you can do this:

STEP 1. Look at the SERP – Search engine results page. 

STEP 2. Figure out why they’re there.

STEP 3: Do the same thing for your content (but better)

KEY 1: Give Google what it wants! 

KEY 2: Always keep search intent in mind.

That’s the TLDR of it. Stay tuned and be sure to follow us for more marketing tips! We have tons to share but we can’t give them all out for free. 😉